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Know Thyself

2021-02-15 13:01


Know Thyself

Do not go outside, come within yourself: in the inner man dwells the truth.





Know Thyself


‘Know Thyself’ was written on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo

at Delphi.

Legend tells that the seven sages of ancient Greece, philosophers, statesmen and law-givers who laid the foundation for western culture, gathered in Delphi to inscribed ‘know thyself’ at the entry to its sacred oracle.


“Self-knowledge is all-encompassing.

What is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales.

It is the highest form of knowledge, surpassing all other knowledge.

Self-knowledge is also timeless,

which means that what is gained in one era,

benefits all subsequent generations.”



We are Souls, wonderful manifestations of Life.

We are born with a personal and unique nature, unique tastes and desires

just as we are unique physically, just as each fingerprint is unique,

just as each story is unique.

We are born into a System: a Family, never by accident, but always because it is akin to our growth path.

We are born with a personal plan, a sort of "mission",

our own particular direction,

one or more "goals" that we intend to achieve.

The soul is that part of Life,

that part of the whole that, in order to evolve,

decides to experience earthly incarnation.

The body is the vehicle, needed to experience matter.
Emotions give the feedback of the experience, connect soul and body,

allow them to communicate and allow the Soul to decode and create

its experiences.

We human beings are endowed with that beautiful quality called free will,
which refers to the ability to act according to one's own reflection and will.
But are we really free to exercise it?

During our earthly experience we all want to be happy,
but sometimes we are overwhelmed by events that displace us or we experience situations of discomfort.

These moments can be a "call" an opportunity to awaken to a new awareness.
In these moments free will comes into play:

we can choose to search for the deeper meaning of the situation we are experiencing or to ignore it.

Throughout life we receive a lot of information, we create beliefs,
conditionings that can really influence the course of events,
or at least the way we perceive them.

These beliefs are structured in a real complex system,
called the Belief System.
The Belief System resides largely in that part of people called: unconscious, a kind of storage of not aware memories and impulses.

Becoming self-aware means embarking on an inner journey

that makes us aware of the beliefs and impulses that emerge from our unconscious; it means breaking free.

Beliefs not only draw strength from our own experiences,
but also from those who came before us, those of our ancestors.
Our family system influences us, we believe we are free,

but in reality we are the fruit of a great history.

We belong to our system, we are part of it,

more than connected sometimes "linked" to the history of those who preceded us.
We are part of it as our hands are part of us.

How to know ourselves better and become more aware?
How to interact with the unconscious?
How to contact and rewrite disempowering beliefs?
How to discover what are the dynamics of my Family System

that are influencing my life?

There are several tools that allow us to observe the submerged part of the iceberg, one of which is called Systemic Constellations.

Systemic constellations allow us to get aware of the links and beliefs

of the system that are no longer functional making us more aware

of the dynamics to which we are linked and which influence us.

Systemic representations offer the possibility for the unconscious to emerge through real photographs, images created by the representatives,
which somehow communicate with our deepest part, beyond the verb,

allowing the Soul to express itself clearly and heal.

The Soul during incarnation gives itself many lessons,

it grants itself happiness when it considers itself worthy,

it does so through experiences, through manifest reality:

the fruit of the beliefs, emotions of the individual and his system of belonging.

Once again, the connection and relationship we have with our ancestors, them history is crucial!

Because the history of our Ancestors is our history, we are the fruit of it, genetically and not only.

Because tough events experienced by them leave an echo that we can still hear.

Because when one of the ancestors has suffered or done an injustice,

or has been judged and excluded from the family system,

then one of the descendants, driven by blind love will follow his destiny...

many people find themselves really, truly living experiences, emotions, even diseases that do not belong to them.

By constellating we experience the morphogenetic field,

or network, or "soul space," in which everything is connected,

in which we are one, realizing, feeling, seeing, that we are part of one and more systems, but we have a deep, intense and invisible connection with our family,

The Family System is to be considered as a living entity in expansion, growth and continuous renewal, which expresses itself through its members: us.
This System is endowed with its own consciousness,

perhaps with its own Soul,

and wants to evolve and renew itself, to grow,

because this is the nature of Life.

To this end it calls to itself the souls functional to its evolution.

Another effective tool that allows us to contact the unconscious is the Rite.
The rite has the power to communicate directly with the unconscious beyond the boundaries of the rational mind,

as Alejandro Jodororsky teaches us with his Psychomagia:

A healing practice that acts through beauty, symbol, metaphor and the language of dreams and that consists in proposing to the person to perform a symbolic gesture, apparently illogical but strongly emotional,

to allow him to give a new information to the unconscious.

Jodorowsky's work offers us a multitude of interesting insights and reflections that we will explore in the next article. 


“Noli foras ire, in te ipsum redi.

In interiore homine habitat veritas.”


Do not go outside, come within yourself: in the inner man dwells the truth.


Agostino XXIX.


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