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On the Soul

2021-02-15 14:25


On the Soul

There is a clear, profound and inescapable connection between Soul, Emotional and Physical Body.



On the Soul




There is a clear, profound and inescapable connection between

Soul, Emotional and Physical Body.

An individual can be defined as healthy when there is a good balance between these three parts.

Health, from the Latin salus, meaning salvation, safety, integrity,

related to 'salvus' or 'saved'.

Definition of Soul:


"Soul in the most general sense,

as in the common consciousness,

is the vital principle of man,

the immaterial part."


From Latin anima / animus,

From the Greek ἄνεμος breath, wind.


There is an energy that moves everything.

It is the force that causes a seed to become a tree,

that rises the sun every morning, the force that makes everything change incessantly,

that force that permeates and animates all: Life.


What is alive is in constant movement and evolution.


This energy, flows through and is the essence of everything.


It is the central core around which everything takes shape,

and is therefore common to all.


That is to say:

we are all different manifestations of the same force: Life.


It is wise to consider that if Life permeates the entire Universe,

then it is in the flowers and trees, it is in the storm,

it is in the creatures of the woods,

it is in the fish of the rivers,

and it is certainly in us.


However it manifests itself,

Life unites us: humans, animals, plants and things in the journey we take.


It was the first time I encountered death that I saw life.

It was my maternal grandfather, they told me he had died and took me to see him.


I was a child and for my childish logic the equation was simple:

once a person is dead is gone.


I went into the room, however, and my grandfather was there, he was lying on his bed, still, as if sleeping.


So what was gone?

The life inside him, the Soul.


The Soul is that principle present in all living beings,

that energy which is so ineffable that the ancients did not know how to indicate it except by

the idea of the wind.


The Soul is that part of us that is distinct from the body but in constant interaction with it, whose presence,

just like that of the wind,

is not visible but is proved by the effects it causes.


We do not have a soul,

We are a Soul.


In the most basic sense of the word, Soul means Life.


It is interesting to note that the ancients associated the image of the soul to the wind, to the air,

to the vital breath,

in fact it is with two breaths,

the first and the last,

that we greet  existence on Earth. 


The Soul is represented by the heart, which not by chance symbolises the place of healing and is the home of the emotions.


What is in the heart, in life,

what is accepted, welcomed, integrated with love,

is transformed and healed.


Love, transforms and heals.


We can imagine the soul as a child between the ages of four and eight years old.

A sensitive child, disarming,

pure and at the same time wise.

The soul knows, sees and loves.


It is moved by Love and moves through Love, it is directly connected with the dynamics of the conscious and the unconscious, with the whole and does not know the concept of linear time.


The Soul is also everything that makes us unique and alive:

emotionality, character, will, personality, but also metabolism, 

physiological functions,

because there is no separation between Soul, Emotions and Physical Body.


It is personal and unique, not only in its expressions as thought, feeling and consciousness,

but also in its apparently more mechanical expressions,

such as the vitality of an organ, because it too is unique and connected to emotions.


For example, the malfunction of the liver could speak to us of anger, or the weakness of the lungs speaks of sadness.


We are our body.


For centuries, the Soul was considered an abstract concept, seeming to inhabit the body without actually being part of it.

Rather, it seemed to be a peculiar, elusive entity without form or structure.


This viewpoint has changed radically, as research has finally brought to light the true nature of the soul:


The Soul is a concrete complex system with an astonishing number of functions.

It defines each person's behaviour, thinking and feeling and these belong to us as concrete parts.


Physical body could be defined as a "materialisation" of the

Soul itself.



The Tale of the Mirror


Let us imagine that Life is a great mirror, a sacred mirror*.


Let us now watch this mirror shatter into an infinity of splinters,

each one representing a Soul.


We are these splinters.


It's beautiful isn't it?

If only because it immediately leads us to engage three possible truths:


1- We are the mirror one of the Other


2- We are ONE


3- United, Togather, We are God: Life itself.


When a man looks at other men he sees the image of the divine, of Life, and through the other he sees himself!


Which, with a bit of observational spirit, is revealed by the fact that nature allows us to see everything but ourselves.


Nature knows no chance.


And if our eyes cast their gaze outwards, if we can observe everything and everyone but need a mirror to see ourselves,

perhaps it is precisely

because it is in others and in everything that we should see ourselves,


The term: 'sacred' here is understood in its original etymological meaning: taking care of oneself and the other as in-separate parts of a single Self.

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