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Soul Fragments

2021-02-15 16:39


Soul Fragments

Have you ever had the feeling of losing a little piece of yourself?Like it's being left behind?




Soul Fragments

Have you ever had the feeling of losing a little piece of yourself?

Like it's being left behind?



Soul Fragments
Have you ever had the feeling of losing a little piece of yourself?
Like it's being left behind?

Maybe after a life-changing event, after a trauma,
an injustice, you don't feel the same as you did before,

hence the famous saying: life changes you.

Other times they are places, people, experience extremely positively,

the kind where we say:   I left there a piece of my heart!

And that's exactly what it is, a piece of Soul.

When strong emotions are released, the soul tends to get stuck in that state.

The emotions that cause this can come from traumatic events or
can result from excessively positive episodes, such as an important ceremony or an unforgettable' holiday.
In both cases, but  much more often in traumatic events,

once the episode is over, the person no longer feels the same as he or she did before, a part of himself or herself has been inexorably stuck to that past and what remains is a sense of emptiness, of incompleteness.

In some events, after a certain period of time, these parts of the soul spontaneously return to integrate  themselves in the person, other they
remains inexorably lost.

From a systemic point of view, when a part of the soul is missing,

there is an inner 'emptiness' and this can have consequences.

Constellations allow us to  help the person to find the missing pieces of the soul.

The facilitator, in this case, helps the client to bring back only the remaining essence of the trauma,  leaving in the past the emotions, the fears and all the energy links that had wounded them.

After this intervention, the person is able to start his or her own healing process, integrating the recovered energies into the past.

Pieces of the Soul can leave the body and even abandon it forever.

In severe cases, this can result in coma, dementia, severe mental illness,
drug and alcohol addiction, or a loss of vitality that can be translated into a clear "death movement".

Less severe losses cause impairments of affectivity, such as loss of
the ability to love,  loss of enthusiasm , difficilties to enjoy life,
depression, or even functional impairment of one or more organs.


Changes in character or becoming a child again, typical of old age, are also caused by the loss of the more complex parts of the soul, which contain the individual personality.
Often in these cases recovery is impossible, the soul is gone because of degeneration of the brain which it was no longer able to interface with.

As if to say that the person is already partly gone.
Our culture believes that death is a one-time event, in reality it is not uncommon that it happens a little bit at a time.




Taken from -The Orders of Help- by Bert Hellinger.

The Lost Soul


This is a 47-year-old Eritrean man. He left his village at the age of 16. He comes from a family of pharmacists, therefore from a wealthy family. In Abis Ababa he went underground.
He joined the communist party and fought against the military regime.
His parents were not aware of this. At the age of 19 or 20 he was wanted all over the country.
Then he fled to Germany, via Sudan.


What's the problem?


He always has the feeling that he is not himself, but that he is other people and he is in other people's bodies.


Whose body?

Don't say anything.

Verify what you feel.
In the group, you also verify.

To the participant:

Where is his Soul?

Have you figured it out?


In the country where he belongs.


By the people he has killed.
He's a murderer, not a freedom fighter.
He's simply a murderer.
What has he achieved with all his battles besides so many deaths? Nothing.
A real freedom fighter gets something.

To the group:

But you were involved in the transfer.
You felt compassion for him.

We heard it from the way you
 told your story, it was immediately clear.
Who has a place in my soul?




Exactly, all the dead.

Do you notice how the force changes?



Now we will represent him, choose someone for the man.

The participant chooses a representative for the client and arranges him in the space.

 to the participant:
Now I will represent you, what has happened in me?
What we talked about.

Now I position myself in front of you as someone who respects the dead.
Hellinger positions himself in front of the client as a representative of the

After a while he takes a step towards the client.
The client also takes a small step forward.
Hellinger turns slowly and looks at the ground.
The client retreats a few steps. Then he turns around.

Hellinger has four representatives of the victims lie supine in front of him.

He approaches them and looks at the client.
After a while the client turns around, walks slowly towards the dead and lies down facing them.

Hellinger leaves the performance.

HELLINGER to the participant.

Is that clear to you?


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