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How a constellation unfolds?

2020-11-09 01:49


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How a constellation unfolds?

HOW A FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORKS?    A Family constellation is an experience.It is not easy to explain, since it must be lived




How a Family Contellation unfolds?




A Family constellation is an experience.

It is not easy to explain, since it must be lived, this will be very clear when you have participated in it yourself.

Essentially, it is about reconnecting to our family of origin and our family members and understanding how we, as individuals, are embedded in something bigger.

We can become trapped or connected through hidden loyalties, to people, destinies and dynamics that influence our lives and personal problems can arise from this.


How does it works?

The Family Constellations are born as a group work.

So the first two ingredients are:

1- A group of people, including:

A Seeker - He who stages his own constellation

A Facilitator - The one who facilitates the process, 

The Representatives - Those who represent the various aspects of the situation

2- The second ingredient is called:

Morphogenetic Field, Conscious Field, Great System, Network, Soul:

(check previous article)


"The conscious field is a different way of calling the Soul.

Every living organism has a Soul: a person, a group,

an animal or plant species, the world, galaxies.

In this context the organism is called System".

Bert Hellinger



On the occasion of a constellation a group of participants is created whose encounter may seem apparently random, in reality it is not, never.

We always meet by resonance, by deep similarities between the systems of the participants.

In the group there is a facilitator, someone who presents an intention or a problem called the seeker and other people who participate as representatives.

These can be chosen to represent the family members of this person.

or the necessary aspects to see the solution.


I intend to represent,

as in a theater,

to watch, to see as spectators of a play.


The seeker sits next to the facilitator and after having exposed his situation chooses among those present the representatives, following his feeling, his intuition.


The first participant that is staged, always represents the seeker:

When you stage your constellation you are asked to choose someone from among those present.

that can represent you, so that you can observe yourself from the outside.

Then other people are chosen to represent the various aspects of the issue.


It will then be possible, thanks to the facilitation of a prepared therapist, to observe the movements of the participants and understand the unconscious, hidden dynamics that influence the situation, the conditioning that comes to us from the Family System, from the history of our Family, from the collective unconscious.


This allows us to identify possible dysamonies, disorders and restore order and

the natural flow of vital energy within the system, with consequent benefits for our lives and for the lives of others in the system itself.


Pull a thread of the web and the whole structure will vibrate. Cit.

This happens literally through representation.

Thanks to the "acting" of the representatives who, moving in a detreminated space as actors without script, connected by and to something very thin and deep that somehow moves us during the constellation and in life, show us the movement and the solution.


What exactly does "representing" mean?

It means being chosen during a constellation to represent someone or something.

Representatives present themselves as family members or aspects of a problem and after a while they begin to feel feelings, sensations or stimuli that come from the Family System involved and through them begin to move in a predetermined space.

Simply by intention, they connect to the morphogenetic field, to the network, to the Family System of the person who is staging its constellation and let themselves be carried away by what emerges.


We are never chosen as representatives by chance and never find ourselves participating in a constellation randomly! Never.


When we are chosen to represent a specific role it is always because that precise matter concerns in some way also our System, our History.

So, staging your own constellation, being chosen as a representative or simply watching have exactly the same value, all three roles work with the same strength and depth on the participants' lives.


How do representatives contact the memories of the System ?

How can people represent someone they have never met?


The representative can be put in the role of a person or an aspect such as love or respect and many times he does not know who he represents.

So how does he act in a way that the seeker recognizes?

It happens very often in fact, if not always, that after a representation the seeker makes me notice the similarities between the representative and the person he was representing, with sentences of this type:

"...you know, the face, the expression, was like my father".

"My mother made the same gesture" etcetera etcetera.

What is the explanation?

First of all the memories of our ancestors, their stories are written in us, in our DNA, in what we are, what we do and it is possible to contact them in a conscious way.

Science tells us about Trangenerational Traumas, recognizing that traumatic memories can be transmitted for seven generations.

The second determining factor is the morphogenic field, the network.

"Each of us is connected to the morphological field of the planet, of the human species, of the territorial population, of our national identity, up to the morphological field of our family of origin.

The morphic fields of all species have a history, and contain implicit memories given by a process called: morphic resonance.

Morphic resonance operates through space and time, from past to present.

Through morphic resonance, each member of a system receives and at the same time contributes to the collective memory of the system itself.

In this deep network of connection in which we are in resonance with one another, every memory remains, both of the living and the dead, and can be contacted.

The theory of the systemic constellations is based on the idea that the morphic field is in resonance with the collective unconscious of the System, with the consciousness of the Family System.

Those who represent, without knowing anything about the people they are representing, will perceive the emotions, feelings and relationships of the people represented, even remaining completely unaware of the real family dynamics, but simply because they connect with the system consciousness".

Taken from - previous article: Family constellations, what they are, their origins and how they work.


What is meant by unconscious?

The unconscious is that part of us that includes thoughts, impulses, emotions, representations, patterns of behavior that underlie human action but of which we are not aware.

It therefore plays a fundamental role and it is interesting to go deeper into it.


Freud and Jung

Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious

Let us distinguish these three parts of man, these three states of consciousness.







This is the conscious, logical and rational part of us.

It is the part that allows us to make appropriate decisions in particular situations or moments, based on conditions and analysis.

The conscious part is the part we use to know how to do the things we do.

It is with it that we carry out our actions.

We use our conscious part, for example, to decide whether to cross the road or not, based on observing the intensity of traffic at a given time.

The conscious part often makes use of stored memories, so it tends to develop and improve its skills over time.



The subconscious part is the emotional mind.

It is the one that allows itself to be reached by tastes, desires and heart.

Subconsciously we create strong ties to certain things or people.

If we imagine to change the place of a piece of furniture by moving it from one room to another,it will certainly take one or more days to remember the new location.

This is because subconsciously we are used to find it where he was  while we will have to think consciously to remember the new place.



Our unconscious part, the most primitive of all.

It is the one that stores all those experiences lived by our species in its millions of years of existence.

It is the one in charge of managing physiological issues such as breathing, to cite the most obvious example.

You can easily control your breathing in a conscious way, increase, decrease or hold it at any time.

But when you do not control it, being busy in many other matters,

the unconscious mind takes control and allows our survival.

When we are asleep, for example, we do not think about breathing,

our unconscious part takes care of it.


The unconscious is what, for example, makes us close our eyelids when we feel a potential danger approaching rapidly. Or the one that makes us raise our arm to protect ourselves to avoid a blow to the face. Ultimately it is the reactive, reptilian part of our mind whose actions are derived from millions, billions of years of experience.


When dealing with the unconscious it is inevitable to quote Sigmungd Freud, the father of psychoanalysis,

Even if the unconscious was hypothesized long before his theories it was Freud who gave it the value and connotation we know.

Just as it was Freud who showed man how he was not himself moving the threads of his existence through reasoning and free will, but how the whole mechanism was governed by unconscious irrational drives and instincts located in what we call the unconscious, that is, no-conscious.


The unconscious is an essential function of the human being, perhaps the most important one, Freud had the intellectual insight to understand its functioning and describe it carefully.

He recognized and demonstrated the existence of a part of us of which we are totally unaware and which influences, if not drives our life, an individual unconscious.


After Freud came Jung, one of his favorite students who recognized the existence of a collective unconscious.

According to Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious, there are common elements shared by all humanity (sensations, thoughts, memories, rituals, myths) and that constitute a sort of legacy.

We therefore find ourselves in front of a "container" of meanings that we inherit as a social group and that, according to Jung's collective unconscious, would have repercussions on our behavior and our emotions.


So if for Freud the unconscious was only the area of the mind where all the experiences that were once conscious and then repressed or forgotten are preserved, Carl Jung went beyond the individual plane.

Realizing that the unconscious, individual and collective, influences our lives in a tangible and direct way, we understand how important it is to reveal it, to become aware of our own mechanisms, our beliefs in order to know ourselves and to know the hidden roots of our drives, our behaviors, the situations we live.


Yet we call it unconscious for a reason, we are not aware of it, we can't go there, there is no access except with the help of some specific tools including the family constellations capable of revealing the deep dynamics stored in the unconscious, in order to trigger important healing processes.

According to the theory of Family Constellations, it is in the unconscious that resides the memories of any System to which we belong, in particular that of our Family System,

It is there that the memories, beliefs and submerged dynamics of the system reside, and it is visible only in constellation.


How often should a familiar constellation be made? This really depends on the person, the question and the destiny of the family.

There are people who do it once, others more often.

A constellation is said to work from six months to two years.


Since it is a process that involves the unconscious we advise not to talk about the constellation for 21 days from it, because describing and trying to reationally understand the process would end up weakening it.

What happens if we do not know much about our family?

It doesn't matter because all the information we need is inside us!

And it emerges through representatives, who connect with our family field during this process.

How long does it take to make a constellation?

A constellation can take about half an hour to an hour and a half, however these are group appointments where several constellations are staged, usually my appointments last from six to eight hours, it is a whole day shared.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

 it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

Carl Jung


Participating in a Family Constellation is a great opportunity to do so.

Give yourself the experience, it is the best way to understand how it works.


With love


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