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Group work 


"... give yourself an experience without preconceptions, without a precise idea, without another cage ... (Emmanuel)


Systemic Family Constellations are a powerful tool that allows us to face, understand and heal

our lives.

This work can be applied to practically all aspects of life:

relationships, career, health, love, personal issues etc. and is particularly useful in understanding those situations that reoccur and repeat themselves, cyclically, despite all the personal work we do.


Constellation allows us to:

• Observe the hidden causes of a situation.

• Observe and become aware of the dynamics guarded in the unconscious.

• Activate important healing processes.

• Understand how what binds us to our family affects our lives…that we like it or not, we are the result of a big history…

• Realize a more authentic and happy life.


Small groups work allows us to become aware

of the deeper memories that still have an important impact on our present.

This method is based on the concept that the understanding of the dynamics experienced

by the individual are not important in themselves, they are important in function of the complex Family System to which belongs.


This practice stimulates the conscious acceptance of new points of view. And it is precisely this renewed awareness that leads to the solution.
By focusing on the solution, rather than the problem, we allow our hearts to open up

to a deeper understanding of who we really are.





Individual sessions


It is a real individual path of self-knowledge

recognition and healing, which develops in a series of appointments lasting 60/90 minutes each.


Along the way together we will analyze the situation in relation to the history of the Family System

and we will set new goals to walk towards.



Individual meetings take place in a protected and welcoming space.

What we need is to be present, completely...

and willing to embrace a more holistic and spiritual point of view.

The cost of an individual session is 80 euros.

In the individual constellations are used different tools: sheets of paper, pillows, images, photos and drawings - "Play mobil", which can represent the various members of the family and which are arranged on the table or on the ground as if they were interacting between them

With the individual session, you're  accompanied to see and hear what happened in your family of origin and how this affects your current field of consciousness.


contact: info@animikasoulhealing.com

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whatsapp- 00-31- 0633413804







We work together ONLINE !

Online meetings take place via skype or zoom.
These are appointments of 60/90 minutes during which together we will discover new points of view and new tools to deal with life issues. 


Our journey begins with an intuitive reading of YOUR FAMILY TREE.


The intuitive Reading of the Family Tree is a methodology

proper to the Evolutionary Constellations® that helps us

identifying those repetitions, those systemic energies,

those unconscious fidelities that force each person to retrace

the same track over and over.


Each Family System can be represented through the drawing of

The Family Tree, this work allows us to observe what unconscious image we have about our Family System.



Many aspects of our lives are echoes of the family's past,

of its traumas, of its experiences, which still interfere with our present.

We are often unaware of how much the past is still present,of how much is repeated in the life choices.

The Emotional Reading of the Tree helps us to illuminate the systemic dynamics that somehow still affect us, in order to trigger important healing processes.


So just:

1-Draw your Family System, your Family Tree.

the representation is totally free.

Do it however you want, as it comes to you.

There are no rules.




In Lak'Ech





This training is aimed at practitioners and facilitators who have already acquired the basics

of Systemic Family Constellations and are interested in exploring new working tools, discovering

a powerful, creative and original approach to the Family System.


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