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The creative power of emotions

2021-04-21 18:20


The creative power of emotions

How many times have we heard that our thoughts shape our reality? What if it is not thoughts, but what they move within us?




The creative power of emotions


Emotions move between the soul and the body,

are those strong vibrations that awaken in our system

the mechanisms that allow us to recognise and experience

moments of pain, pleasure, curiosity, fear, joy. 

An emotion can be triggered by an event or even just by recalling one, a simple mental image, a photograph, a thought can contact an emotion.

We are constantly experiencing emotions,

sometimes more and sometimes less intense,

and we should be aware of them and of their creative power. 

But how many of us are really in touch with our emotions? 

Have you ever heard of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?
That is, the ability to be in touch with oneself and others,

to relate to oneself and others and requires:

1- Ability to self-monitor thoughts and emotions.

That is, to perceive one's emotions and learn to manage them,

as well as one's thoughts.

2-Capacity to be persevering and full of enthusiasm, therefore to SELF-ACTIVATE.

3-Knowledge of oneself, one's emotional world and inner processes.

4- Empathy. From Empathea, to see inside.

The ability to connect to other people, creating balanced and productive human relationships. 



Emotions play an essential role in the creation of our reality;

they are directly linked to our beliefs, our thoughts,

to our family system and to our Soul.


Emotions are universal, 
for joy is joy for all of us

and has the same effect

on all of us, 
and they are subjective, 
in the sense that the factors that awaken a particular emotion in us are different. 


This depends on who we are, on our belief system. 

It is what I believe to be true that will determine my reaction to a given stimulus/event. 

At exactly the same time,

this will strengthen my belief system. 

Emotions therefore possess great power,

the power to write our belief system,

to influence the way we look at the world and life and

to shape reality.

The belief system is a tool of the Soul.
Through it the Soul can interpret and decipher this earthly experience and perhaps more.

In part we inherit it from our family system, in part we reinforce it through our experiences and related emotions. 

Ekman, an American psychologist, decided to draw up a list of emotions divided into

primary, which is universal and common to all and

secondary, which is more complex and subjective.

The primary or basic emotions are:








Each emotion has its own reason for being,

and it is important to understand it,  so as not to suffer the emotion, but to learn how to manage it. 

The primary emotions listed above always have a function linked to survival. 

In fact, emotions trigger reaction circuits,

behaviours that are repeated and that once guaranteed survival.

However, today these reactions are often inappropriate,

they no longer fit the social fabric, nor the variety of human needs, and sometimes they become depotential reactions. 


Joy serves to expand the human energy field,

predisposing the person positively towards life.

It triggers a state of relaxation and good disposition towards others. 
In a world where survival macanisms are still linked to the animal world, this emotion is of little use, but
in a society where human relationships and the ability to create a climate of empathy are very important, joy will be functional. 



Anger serves to react,

it mobilises the reactive resources of the person, making him/her stronger, even physically and able to attacks.

Anger also serves to


it covers a wound. 

It is therefore a condition that can be useful in a dangerous situation, as it puts a lot of available energy at the person's disposal. 


Fear serves to keep us alert, to keep a very high level of attention to the dangers that surround us.

The hunted animal never lowers its alert, ensuring its survival.

However, long-term fear deteriorates inner resources and weakens the organism. 

How does an animal react to what thinks to be a danger, to fear? 

By applying three possible defences: 

We can bring these reactions back to the world of human relationships and we will see that we do exactly the same: 
Faced with a danger, in front of something that frightens us, as an unconscious reaction

we either escape, verbally/physically attack,

or we play dead:

in a practical sense this means to be paralysed by fear, unable to react,

in the broadest sense some people disappear in what is now called ghosting, playing dead. 


Being aware of the primary function of primary emotions

helps us to understand their origin and to modify our reactions according to our current social context,

so that they are functional for survival in today's society. 


I suggest a fairly website for further investigation:

The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions (www.atlasofemotions.org)



The engine of our body

is the Soul, sooner or later in life, each of us will come to terms with the ability to manage the emotions that constitute it.

Emotions are always triggered in order to gain

an advantage for the person. 

It is necessary to learn to listen to oneself,

to feel oneself,

to perceive the messages of one's own body because

this is a great instrument," the wonderful  antenna". 

Traditional Chinese Medicine associates emotions with organs,

as in the picture above,

knowing that emotions can really effect them:

the heart corresponds to joy and pain,

the liver to anger,

the kidneys to fear,

the lungs to sadness, and so on.


Learning to manage one's emotions and to express them in the most functional way takes time and perhaps also some practice.

It is already a good step to start to contact one's own emotions,

to get to know them, to feel them and to recognise them.


To understand where they come from,

our emotions exist within us, 
no one can make you angry,

but someone or something can awaken that anger that

already exists in you. 

Maybe something that makes you angry does not awaken the same emotion in me, and vice versa. 


Which of the primary emotions belong to you the most? 
What belief do they come from?

What part of you do they feed?

What wound?

What they are useful for? 


And tell me, do you allow yourself happiness?



In Lak'Ech


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