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"The conscious field is a different way of calling the Soul.

Every living organism has a Soul: a person, a group,

an animal or plant species, the world, the galaxies.

In this context, the organism is called the System. "

Bert Hellinger

The Roots

The father of Family Constellations, the one who created, perfected and disseminated this wonderful work is called Bert Hellinger, 6 December 1925-19 September 2019,

a brillant man, a psychologist, theologian and pedagogyst, a courageous pioneer capable of a unique

and profound vision.

Looking at the roots of his wonderful work, we discover that among the experiences that marked

Bert Hellinger's life, there was a 16-year stay in Africa,

where he spent a lot of time with a tribe called Zulu: the People of the Stars

Observing how this community faced and resolved problems and conflicts, he realized that the tribe, the group,
was seen, observed, as one Great System.
A System in which everyone had their own task,

a precise place and in which the Ancestors were always seen as active members, even if they were deceased.


In the late 1970’s, Hellinger left the priesthood and returned to his native Germany to begin training in psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, primal therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, and family therapy.
He sought to distill the best of these practices, while including what he’d learned from the Zulu people.

In the early 1980’s, Dr. Hellinger began to integrate Virginia Satir’s family re-construction process with group and family therapy, particularly Moreno’s Psychodrama.
This was when Hellinger began using group members to mimic a family system,
the basic format of what was to become Family Constellation work.

In working with the existing family-systems models, Hellinger began to create his own distinct approach,
which focused on the responses of the representatives with his holistic approach.
In other words, he didn’t believe it was useful to separate out things like mind and brain, culture and family,
emotions and thinking, conditioning and education, but rather to view them as a single, continuous whole.

Hellinger had confidence in everyone's ability to listen to "the authority of their soul" which is the only true bulwark that everyone has towards the flattery of false authorities.


As the philosopher Martin Heidegger, the basis of Bert Hellinger's work lies in his insistence on "seeing what is"

(opposed to the blind acceptance of what we are told)  in combination with a great loyalty and confidence in one's soul.

Bert Hellinger argued from the beginning that the phenomenological method, and consequently the Familiar Constellations, cannot be taught but derives from training and experience.

This is because it is not a question of transmitting knowledge but of exposing oneself to phenomena, without any established objective or preliminary knowledge.

That is also why he does not consider himself the inventor of a method but as someone who has discovered and described something that exists anyway and that does not belong to him:


"When someone asks me permission to use something I said or done, I feel contrarius, as if I were the master of these discoveries, they have done nothing but reveal themselves and belong to all. I've just had some insights and I'm happy if others will have any."
Bert Hellinger



Family Costellations


Family Constellations are a tool that allows us to tackle

in a decisive way several personal "points of work" and to deeply know ourself.
Systemic work allows us to directly experience what we really are:

a peculiar piece of life,  a part of the Whole,

of the Great Design or Great System.


We are the result of a great story, 
we are in fact.

If we have this physical appearance, this look,

it's because we inherited it from someone,

in the form of a memory code called DNA.


In the exact same way we inherit much more from our family.

Sometimes even the fate of someone we never knew! 

Family constellations allow us to identify non-functional dynamics

coming from our family that affect our lives. 

When we talk about constellations we also talk about soul movements.

In fact, constellations allow us to observe what is kept in our soul and

in our unconscious. 

This is a powerful tool that can offer support and a new, different, profound understanding of the current situation, of the life experience that one is going through. 


To learn more I refer you to the BLOG page,

or invite you to participate in a constellation. 


Evolutionary constellations®


Happiness is a birthright.

Ajna Academy


The Evolutionary constellations® are born from the experience of

Anna Laura Cannamela Hembergher and Francesca Bianchetti,

Ajna Academy, Milan- Italy.


This method take breath from the methodology of Bert Hellinger's family constellations,

according to which the experiences of the family past interfers on an unconscious level

in the present life of the person, preventing him/her from accessing a full one or more areas of living.


The Evolutuinary® constellations refer to the family tree as a spiritual entity,

endowed with its own karma, its own system of beliefs

that is structured and modified over time,

through the life experiences of those belonging to the system.

The Family Tree is a systemic higher Self

that wants to learn, transform, change and break the chains

of the past that oblige the continuous repetition of events.

To make new experiences the Family Tree calls to itself the Pioneers of the System,

those different Souls that are born in order to deconstruct the energy of the system,

change the  family beliefs, make different choices and allow the influx of new energy.

These pioneers are often experienced and live like black sheep

because they observe the world through different lenses than their ancestors,

they have aspirations so different that they are considered strange, out of place,

sometimes just out of their minds.

Yet the pioneers are the new branches of the Tree,

those who reach out to the future, who grow upwards,

who know how to look forward.

In fact, for the Family Tree, pioneers are a blessing

because they tell new stories, they show new ways.


Those who recognize themselves as pioneers of the Tree have an important evolutionary task to perform,

personal and systemic.


Evolutionary Constellations® allow to stage our own moment of life and personal problems,

according to Bert Hellinger's methodology, but also to unravel the systemic evolutionary project

and the task of the person, helping them to rediscover themselves totally in harmony with the energy

of the family tree to which it belongs.

Living an Evolutionary Constellation® is a profound experience that can be very moving,

touching and that can completely change the perception of oneself and one's Family System.



Seconda Visione

To Share is to multiply



Second Vision is a method born from

Sara Savini's experience and Bert Hellinger's techniques. 

It is a method that allows you to observe

in a very deep way the present, identifying precisely

the point of work.


Seconda Visione offers us a real "code of interpretation"

that allows us to approach the situation in a very

deep way on different levels. 

It is a work of great intuition, observation and

connection with a great power. 

This method is very effective in the business approach.

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