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Family Tree Reading


Establishing a family tree is not only a useful tool for discovering more about your history,

 can help you improve your life !

What is a family tree?

Taken literally, it's a record of your lineage, showing the members of your family throughout recent, and even distant, history.

Family. Ancestry. Genealogy. Descendants. Generations. Relationships,these are all words that one will come across when tracing back their relations to create a family tree.

A Family Tree is a graphic representation, that shows all of a families relatives through several generations from the present, backwards.

This study of information is your genealogy.
It tells you who your family is, how it has grown, and where you originally came from.

That's the top-line answer.

But family trees can be so much more, they can shape who we are, how we interact with a community, and the things we value day to day.

Beyond the value of establishing where you and your ancestors came from, family trees can have practical uses too.


The Intuitive reading of the Family Tree gives us new insight into our present, helps us identify the tools we need to get through delicate times in life and can give us new insights into our current situation, whatever it may be. 

It is a wonderful way to honour one's ancestors. 

The tree is therefore the beautiful image that has been chosen to represent the family. 
An entity in continuous growth and evolution, from whose branches other branches are born,
allowing the tree to live, grow, flower and bear fruit.For a tree to reach its full potential, however, certain conditions are necessary.

The roots must be strong and well established so that they can support the tree and nourish it.

The roots absorb nutrients, which are transported through the plant's lifeblood to the smallest leaf. 

Imagine your family as a tree that wants to grow, evolve and does so through the lives of its descendants,

this is called:  Family System.

Just like a tree, in order for our life to blossom to its full potential it is necessary for the energy of the system,

for the conscious love to flow.

Working on drawing and reading our tree allows us to recognise some of the characteristics and

patterns of the Family System and of our lives. It is a real journey of recognition and understanding.

When a person draws his or her family tree, it is always a unrepeatable work of art.
The drawing is always unique and surprising, allows the unconscious to express itself and tells a story,
the story of that specific tree related to the issue the person is experiencing. 
The emotional reading of the family tree is based on the intuitive observation of the drawing made,in fact in this representation nothing is casual and every detail tells us something.

The reading of the tree allows us to quickly identify some of the characteristics of our system and of our life.It allow us to identify the connections between the members of the system, the entaglements, the pathological fidelity and the compensatory movements of the descendants.
The Tree, the System as a living, intelligent entity that lives through its members and their experiences. 

This method take breath from the methodology of Bert Hellinger's family constellations, according to which the experiences of the family past interfers on an unconscious level in the present life of the person, preventing him/her rom accessing a full one or more areas of living.

We will refer to the Family Tree as a spiritual entity, endowed with its own karma, its own system of beliefs that is structured and modified over time,through the life experiences of those belonging to the system.

The Family Tree is a systemic higher Self that wants to learn, transform, change and break the chains of the past that oblige the continuous repetition of events.

To make new experiences the Family Tree calls to itself the Pioneers of the System, those different Souls that are born in order to deconstruct the energy of the system, change the family beliefs, make different choices and allow the influx of new energy.
These pioneers are often experienced and live like black sheep because they observe the world through different lenses than their ancestors, they have aspirations so different that they are considered strange, out of place, sometimes just out of their minds.

Yet the pioneers are the new branches of the Tree, those who reach out to the future,who grow upwards,

who know how to look forward, they are a blessing because they tell new stories, they show new ways. 

Those who recognize themselves as pioneers of the Tree have an important evolutionary task to perform,personal

and systemic.

What does systemic mean? 
It means that in this practice the individual, the person, is never seen as single or isolated but always inserted in a context of relationships, such as the Family. 







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Draw your tree and observe which story tells you!



How does it work?


We work together ONLINE !

Online meetings take place via skype, zoom, meet, whatsapp and costs 80€.

These are appointments of 60/90 minutes during which together we will discover new points of view and new tools to deal with life issues. 


Our journey begins with an intuitive reading of YOUR FAMILY TREE.


The intuitive Reading of the Family Tree is a methodology that helps us identifying those repetitions, those systemic energies, those unconscious fidelities that force each person to retrace the same track over and over.


Each Family System can be represented through the drawing of

The Family Tree, this work allows us to observe what unconscious image we have about our Family System.



Many aspects of our lives are echoes of the family's past,

of its traumas, of its experiences, which still interfere with our present.

We are often unaware of how much the past is still present,of how much is repeated in the life choices.

The Emotional Reading of the Tree helps us to illuminate the systemic dynamics that somehow still affect us, in order to trigger important healing processes.




Together, with love and respect, 

we will enter into your drawing and your Family System,

 to recognise the strength that comes from the roots. 







Draw your  Family Tree, as you wish, the representation is completely free.
It is your Tree, put in as many people as you like, as many birth and death dates as you know,

you can go back as far as you like, free. 

Don't think too much about it, it's nice when the drawing is spontaneous, as it comes. 




Who am I?

A person who hugs trees!



My name is Manucra Carol Piovano, I was born in 1976, in October, in the Alps, Italy.

My path, like that of each one of us, was born with my Life itself, the Great Teacher.

Personally, I consider myself a lucky person to have been able to grow up in a place where nature still predominates,

royal and wild, dispensing ancient teachings. 


Ever since I was a child, I have asked myself important questions which, in my early twenties, it became vital to answer.

Thus began a real journey of understanding made of experiences, places, people, study and listening.

Along the way I met many practices, a lot of wisdom and a lot of love.


It was around the age of thirty that I began to feel that I was part of something great,

to feel a bond between my destiny and that of those who preceded me.

It was then that I met the Family Constellations, discovering and experimenting the history that binds us to our own

Family System, the deep love that moves us and the intrinsic connection that unites everyone and everything.


Among all the practices I have experienced is the great work called Family and/or Spiritual Constellations the one that most "touched" me, what I fell in love with and wanted to deepen.


Today I am a Holistic therapist and a Counselor specialized in Family and Evolutionary Constellations.


I have acquired the ability to observe us as part of one or more systems, aware that we are all connected,

in this work the individual is never seen as an isolated element, but is always placed in a context of relationships.


My gratitude goes to Enso University of nature and the Second Vision® method.


To  Ajna Academy, with whom I followed the training in Family and Evolutionary® Constellations in Milan.


Operator registered in the ISCA register,  a structure dedicated to the enhancement, personal growth and professional updating of Systemic Operators and Holistic Therapists.


International Systemic Constellations Association - ISCA - Membership number: 55727320 - 





Whatsapp: 00-31633413804


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