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Family Tree Reading Training

This training is open to anyone who wants to meet or deepen a

Systemic Approach to the Family System.

It is an opportunity to learn more about our own Family System and Ourselves
and a wonderful tool that we can integrate into our work. 


Evolutionary constellations - Costellazioni evolutive®


Have you ever asked someone to draw their own Family Tree? Their own System?
The drawing is always unique and surprising, allows the unconscious to express itself and tells us a story. 

The emotional reading of the family tree is based on the intuitive observation of the drawing made,

in the representation nothing is casual and every detail tells us something.

The reading of the tree allows us to quickly identify some of the characteristics of the client's system and of the client himself.

It allows us to identify the connections between the members of the system, the entaglements,

the pathological fidelity and the compensatory movements of the descendants.

We will look at the Tree, the System as a living, intelligent entity that lives through its members and their experiences. 

This training focuses on this way of "reading the system",

together we will learn how to read a Tree and how to work on the drawing, 



This method take breath from the methodology of Bert Hellinger's family constellations,
according to which the experiences of the family past interfers on an unconscious level
in the present life of the person, preventing him/her rom accessing a full one or more areas of living.

The Evolutuinary® constellations refer to the Family Tree as a spiritual entity,
endowed with its own karma, its own system of beliefs that is structured and modified over time,

through the life experiences of those belonging to the system.


The Family Tree is a systemic higher Self that wants to learn, transform, change and break the chains of the past that oblige the continuous repetition of events.

To make new experiences the Family Tree calls to itself the Pioneers of the System,
those different Souls that are born in order to deconstruct the energy of the system,
change the family beliefs, make different choices and allow the influx of new energy.
These pioneers are often experienced and live like black sheep
because they observe the world through different lenses than their ancestors,
they have aspirations so different that they are considered strange, out of place,
sometimes just out of their minds.


Yet the pioneers are the new branches of the Tree, those who reach out to the future,

who grow upwards, who know how to look forward, they are a blessing because they tell
new stories, they show new ways.

Those who recognize themselves as pioneers of the Tree have an important evolutionary
task to perform, personal and systemic.

Evolutionary Constellations® allow to stage our own moment of life and personal problems, according to Bert Hellinger's methodology, but also to unravel the systemic evolutionary project and the task of the person, helping them to rediscover themselves totally in harmony with the energy of the family tree to which it belongs.

Living an Evolutionary Constellation® is a profound experience that can be very moving,

touching and that can completely change the perception of oneself and

one's Family System.



Introduction to the method: Evolutionary Constellations

Family Tree Emotional Reading part 1




Family tree emotional reading part 2




The Belief System

A new story

Family tree emotional reading part 3






How to stage an Evolutionary Constellations

Practice: Educational Costellations



Practice: Educational Constellations



The Ritual, a language to speack to the unconscious

How to build a personal ritual




This Training will take place completely online, via ZOOM.


Language: English.

7 appointments dedicated to Evolutionary Constellations
Always on Thursday at 14:00 European time.
(see Amsterdam-Milan)

October      2021 Thursday        14-21-28
November 2021 Thursday        11-25
December  2021 Thursday        09-23

Participation fee 550 


Reserve your place 50 €

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